I am a final year Computer Science student pursuing my Bachelor's degree at Manipal Institute of TechnologyManipal.

Am currently working with Foundstone , A Division of McAfee as a researcher / developer towards my final year project. My previous works include the book Google Hacking - An Ethical Guide, which got published in January 2007 and being the Teaching Assistant for Batches 3 and 4 of the the AFCEH certification course run in association with Reliance Communications. I have also given presentations on security related topics at colleges and at video conference sessions for AFCEH. Since then, I have received further offers to write course books on security for a college and fiction alike. Lately, I was also contacted by the Police authorities to help out with criminal activity on the Internet.

Besides security, I have also worked on several other projects including working for the web startup company MangoSpring and undertaking a research oriented internship at  Imperial College, London. At my college I was the part of the National Secretariat atIAESTE India MIT as the Internet Development Head and also got involved with the IEEE Manipal Branch organizing some technical events.

I have been a nomad since birth having lived in 10 cities and being educated[:)] at more than 11 schools. I love traveling, surfing online, staring at the sky and at many times just pondering and doing nothing at all!